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Dedicate in standardization education in China, Maple Overseas Cultural Foundation (MOCF) provides training in advanced fields of study and opportunities for students who are interested in participating educational and vocational training programs in Britain, America and Canada.
Not only focus on academic teaching, MOCF also focus on demands of psychological developments. We provide tailor-made programs to students and trainees from different ages, train them through technology with up-to-date standards, and lead them to the entrance of international collaborations.
Thanks to the cooperation with international organizations such as ISO, BSI, IEEE,IOIA, UN, and schools in Britain, America and Canada. We offer different types of program from long-term school collaborations to short-term vocational and certificate trainings. 

Upon acknowledges on cultural of western and eastern, MOCF will firmly keep its pace on developing standardization education in China.

Maple Overseas Cultural Foundation

A leader among leaders


Build links between Chinese and overseas institutes and universities through diversified
programs such as 2+2, 3+1, etc.

Vocational training with us

Maple Overseas Cultural Foundation

Arrange tailor-made overseas training programs in various professional fields in order to improve Chinese engineering science.

Introduce up-to-date standards and technologies to universities and schools.